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  • Sweet Orange

    Sweet Orange

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  • Kisses


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  • Mad For You Bouquet

    Mad For You Bouquet

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  • It's A Kind Of Magic

    It's A Kind Of Magic

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  • Fifth Avenue

    Fifth Avenue

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  • 12 Red Roses

    12 Red Roses

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  • Designers Delight

    Designers Delight

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    16 Premium Red Roses

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Something Amazing Has Happened! 

Lily’s Florist Downey says the well trained florists around them are the most enticing thing about being in the Downey flower industry. 

Your Delivery Florist Downey says good design and good relationships come hand in hand.  

Same Day Flowers delivered to Downey shows there happens to be a great desire to create something special – a creativity that makes you happy. 

Downey Florist, California, USA believes in the transformative power of flowers and Downey floral design with the ability to simplify communications, inspire and engage people, and to elevate experiences everywhere.  

Lily’s Florist Downey is perfectly designed for your home, your office, and for your loved ones. Why? It’s because they take their craft seriously by being original, having quality, attention to detail, and of course, to tell a story in Downey flowers. It’s what they do!   

They have combined all of their creative backgrounds to produce a floral experience tailored to your specific requirements.  

The World sees a Flower – Lily’s Florist Downey sees a Beautiful Bouquet!  

Lily’s Florist Downey is a delivery florist with a transformative soul, in that enviable position to challenge old systems and rewrite a new one. By giving you, the customer, access to a remarkable luxurious Downey floral experience, they are changing the meaning of floristry – and revolutionizing the Downey delivery florist world in the process.  

You see, Lily’s Florist Downey is not disrupting an existing market – they are creating a new one! While many of the necessities of life have evolved into the 21st century, Downey florists can be left behind. But by rethinking it, Lily’s Florist Downey is championing a great new mode of floristry to be in line with how you actually live your life. That way, they can exist because they believe a beautiful floral arrangement shouldn’t only be experienced by them. 

Actually, Who Are These Guys?   

Lily’s Florist Downey is a collective of passionate individuals with fluctuating skills from a multitude of floristry fields. Together, they believe in producing a Downey floral arrangement with purpose, exceptional craftsmanship and a desire to please. And it’s simply because they are Downey floral artists, floral strategists, and designers of beautiful bouquets.  

Lily’s Florist Downey is a florist that fashions gorgeous floral gifts for inspiring clients – that’s their primary focus. Their process is simple. They have an idea; they share it; plan it, and then make it happen with the minds and hands of skilled, professional Downey florists; because, to a capable florist, fresh, pure products are the inspiration points. They call and summon at ideas deep in a Downey florist’s mind; they’re thrilling, tantalizing and exciting. Add some passion, and the result is a beautiful Downey floral arrangement.  

As a result of word spreading about the kind of products and the services that are provided, Lily’s Florist Downey is able to acquire more and more clients. 

Discover Downey, California 

Thirteen miles south-east of downtown Los Angeles is the city of Downey. Said to be a part of the Gateway Cities, Downey is the hometown of the Apollo Space Program and is considered the birthplace of Karen and Richard Carpenter. It is also home to the world’s oldest McDonald’s Restaurant which is still operational. Downey’s population is near 112,000 inhabitants. 

Downey is an exclusive communal in the center of Southern California that consists of the finest of both small and large. Downey is a lively city with a small-town environment. This is a region of history, involvement, pride and the publicThey are extremely documented for their centralized position, top medical facilities, quality suburban districts and schools, outstanding golf courses and an unrivaled family existence 

By 1784, four pueblos with ten Spanish missions had been recognized along the coast of CaliforniaIn 1821, when Mexico achieved independence from Spain, these border garrisons fashioned the associations for the growth of the ranchos. The organizations of law and order progressively brought the frontiersmenNative Americans and Spanish colonizers into some resemblance of passive cohabitation  

The Los Nietos Grant was a section of the lands under the authority of the San Gabriel Mission. In 1784, an ex-soldier, Juan Nieto was granted conditional use of 300,000 acres of primary Southern Californian ranch land. In 1834, after the separation among the Nieto heirs, a section of this grant turned into the Rancho Santa GertrudesA 96-acre plot of Rancho Santa Gertrudes turned out to be the vital district of a communal named "Downey City".  

The town recognized its name from John Gately Downey, an Irish migrant who had arrived in California during the Gold Rush, and prospered to become Governor of California. He aided to build the commercial footing of Southern California, completing a changeover from open cattle country to a farming district.  

The inhabitants had come west in exploration of new opportunitiesescaping the effects of the Civil war. By the 1870s, the growers in the Los Nietos Valley had designed small groups.

people each built a church, school, and a store at a crucial location. Frequently, the same structure or "town hall" aided as all three. Two of these groups later developed into a part of College Settlement and Downey-Gallatin.

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